Live a better story: Living 2012 with purposeThere have been mutliple attempts to complete a “goodbye 2012” post in the last few days, but each one just falls flat and I grow frustrated… and then it hit me… write it in Haiku. Perfect! So here is my ode to 2012, written month by month, in the classic and timeless form of japanese poetry. Let us begin!


Caribou Coffee
5 in the morning, I suck
at hitting on boys


Failed dates, Can’t find job
Applications left and right
yet nothing quite sticks


Betrayed, I’m turned down
Lost a job I loved, Oh well
God must have a plan


Dreams are born this way
random adventure roadtrip
Heals, Helps, brings back life


Good-bye my oldest
friend, Here’s hoping you find peace
Finally got a job


Blog Blog Blog, waitress
Twelve hour days, bills get paid
Starts to feel like home


I’m afraid of boys
this isn’t a joke, not sure
where bold laura went


The wolfpack was formed
Became three best friends, we will
get through our tough days


Two years and no dates
Started to shop for new cats
Damn I’m allergic


Brrrrr. it’s cold in here
there must be some Torros in
the atmosphere…yeh.

(I actually just don’t remember much about October… oops)


Trying not to fight
Trying to just get through life
working with girls = rough


Thankful for my job
Thankful for new and old friends
Ready for a change

All poetry aside, 2012 was a tough year for me, as I’m sure it was for a lot of the people around me, but we made it through stronger, wiser, a little more damaged, and a little more whole. I started the 365 days that made up this last year with no hope, no joy, and no idea what was next. I can honestly say that I’ve started 2013 the same way, but knowing that God has a plan bigger than I can imagine just waiting for me to walk towards it. Will I find the man of my dreams? Maybe. Will I find the job I’ve been wishing for since college? Perhaps. Will I finally move out of my parents house? YES! That is the one thing I can say with complete confidence.

Aside from logistics of living, I have no idea what the next year holds, and for the first time in a long time, I really am ok with it. I have great people by my side, on my team, and willing to fight alongside me. I’m going to make it through this year if it kills me.