(Note: I’m not 100% sure this makes sense or is actually a whole thought, but I’m trying something new where I don’t overthink things. Any questions, comments or suggestions are always welcome as I’m trying to get better at this.)

Blind adventure… what in the world is that? Let me explain.

I have a good friend named Craig. We’ve known each other for over 12 years. I remember the first day I met him in 7th grade. I’m not sure why I remember it or even what I remember, other than the fact that he was wearing khakis and had the darkest hair I had ever seen. According to the 7th grade girl gossip ring, he was the dreamy new student that every girl wanted to date. Please note: I was NOT one of those girls. I had recently started day school again after being homeschooled for a few years. Boys weren’t really on my “liking” radar yet.

Had I known that Craig and I would be friends 12 years after we first met I probably would have been nicer or better behaved or cooler… yeh, I would have tried to be cooler.

We’ve had a few trends in our friendship but the one that sticks out the most to me is that I have done most of the huge life things first. Craig was older, but kind of a slow bloomer. Although he had a steady dating relationship first, I got my driver’s license first, broke up with someone first, went to college first, graduated college first, made a lot of poor choices first and so on. One thing he did beat me to though, was finding the love of his life.

It was about 11:30pm when my phone rang under my pillow while sleeping in a hotel room in Boston.  He was calling to tell me about this amazing girl he just went on a date with. I sat in the hallway for about an hour hearing how amazing and beautiful and funny and caring and wonderful she was. It actually brought tears to my eyes to hear a sound in his voice I had never heard before. He had met THE ONE.

Now, I could break into a diatribe about how I’m sure there is more than 1 “The One” in this world for each of us, but I don’t have the brain power or time to explain so I will continue with this charming fairytale of love.

It wasn’t long before Craig decided to propose, and I decided to be insanely jealous of all of my friends who were madly in love. (This was a dark time in my life, I’ll discuss it later, I promise) Fast forward 5 months and I am boarding a plane at 5am to fly to Denver, Colorado to see my oldest friend get married in the mountains in the middle of winter. Deciding to attend Craig’s wedding was a difficult one financially, time wise and honestly… emotionally. Life was about to change drastically and for the first time, Craig was changing it before me.

The wedding was beautiful. Craig married the girl of his dreams. People were happy. It all went off WITH a hitch… get it? They got hitched! (Remember how I wished I was cooler?) The whole thing really got me thinking about my story and how this piece of my story was ending. Life was changing… And that’s ok.

Have you ever driven up or down a mountain? There are these things called switch backs, which essentially means that you are going to drive back and forth on the side of a mountain and go around some INSANE dark corners hoping there isn’t a dinosaur standing in the road. (Yes, I said dinosaur… remember? Not cool)

Living a good story is kind of like driving on a mountain. There are a lot of dark corners to go around while having no idea what is around them. I said that living a better story includes blind adventure and this is where it came from. As I was driving around corner after corner I realized that I have no idea what is around my next corner. In fact, I never have. Yes, there are those absolutes such as, I will die someday, just like how I knew that I would eventually hit the bottom of the mountain. These are truths I just know. But I have no idea what is next in my life.  I could look at this fact with fear, but I’ve decided to look at it as an adventure. I believe it was Disney’s Pocahontas that said, “I look once more, just around the river bend…” with expectation and excitement of what was yet to come. As I try to live a better story, I want to be filled with the same emotions. I want to look at the dark bend in the road and be excited that I could meet a new dinosaur friend or find a career I love, or meet my Captain John Smith, or even find my passion in life.

As I drove around my last dark corner of the mountain and was headed on a straight road back to Denver, it all hit me. I had the privilege of journeying with an amazing friend through life’s incredible joys and destructive lows. We were able to laugh, cry, and laugh more. We were fortunate to live several chapters of our stories together. When I look back at Volume I of my life, the pages are filled with moments with him. I was blessed to be a part of his first chapters, and to watch him begin to write a beautiful new story as mine with him closed.

This whole life is a journey. It’s not always certain or defined, but if we look at each blind unknown as a new adventure being born, maybe we’ll have a shot of making it a story worth telling.