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I am the Hero of this Story… but I Needed to be Saved.

photoSharing your story is opening yourself up to a bevy of hurt, unwanted input, and strange criticism, but it’s more than all the negative. When you share your story, share your life with someone, be they on the internet or in-person, you are opening yourself up to something beautiful. How do I know this? Let me tell you.

There he was—the good-lookin’ nerd…

I’ve never admitted this before, but I actually noticed Adam (not his real name, sorry) right when he walked in the room. “Please let him sit at my table!” I pleaded with God. Thankfully, God had my back and Adam found the last open chair at my table full of silent females staring blankly at anything but each other. I said HI as obnoxiously as I possibly could. Let’s just say, I’m the smoothest chick on planet earth. SMOOTHEST! Thankfully he flashed a smile and soothed the rapid beating of my heart. Now years later, he still has that calming effect on me. We exchanged our pleasantries, but more importantly, he laughed at my stupid jokes. I knew right then that he was something.

Meeting him was unexpected, and exactly what I needed. (more…)

I’m Getting Baptized Today…

… which is long overdue. Jesus and I have been walking through my life together for the last 18+ years and I’m ready to make my public declaration that I am His, but I have to get something off my chest first.

My heart is like the Liberty Bell: Cracked.

For over a decade I had a wonderful best friend. He was funny, talented, and fun. He was the person I ran to when life got rough, or I needed a trip to white castle (notice the intentional lack of capitalization) in the middle of the night. He was the inventor of “deep fry everything nights” and the person who helped cultivate my love for track jackets. Whether either of us wanted it to happen or not, he became a huge part of the puzzle that is Laura. He is a part of my foundation. But crap happened and life changed. Now we’re just somebody we used to know.