Creative Commons – Dueck

Hi, I’m Laura Livingood, and I have nothing good to say. A few years ago I began laying a wall, brick-by-brick, that blocked people from ever getting to see me. Like Rapunzel in her tower, my fortress of brick and mortar has kept many a kindly prince, dangerous vagabond, and weary traveler from ever catching a glimpse of my brown-hair, blue-eyed existence. Those that can decipher the magic code to gain access to my viewing chamber are privie to only a shade of the girl I am, and honestly, as much as it worked for me in the past, I’m exhausted.

“A story without conflict isn’t much of a story at all”

I’m done ignoring conflict, saying everything is OK, and pretending I’ve got it all under control. That’s so boring. There are still stories that shaped me that aren’t my stories to share, but there are others that need to be let out so that I can grow, process, and move on.

I am not the¬†victim¬† I am the hero of this story and it’s time I pull myself up of the side of the mountain like Frodo and take those scary, dangerous steps to who I’m destined to be. Want to come with me?

(Sorry for the LOTR reference. Authentic moment #1 – I am a nerd. Deal with it!)