Have you ever been “un-friended” on Facebook? Who was that person? How did you feel about it? and most of all… why the heck does it matter?

Ok, context. My last year or so was plagued… no wait, that’s too strong of a word… nope, gonna used plagued. Ok, my last year was plagued by a “friend” of mine that took an incredible amount of time pursuing a relationship with me, saying all the things he thought I would like to hear, and then vanishing for months at a time. As I look back at my “year in review” I realize that a lot of time was wasted on this. Not 100% sure how it all happened or why my stupid girl brain allowed our friendship to grow, but that’s a whole other chapter in my story that I am not ready to document quite yet.

When you look at the relationships in your life I’m guessing you can see how some of them are one-sided or mutually giving relationships. As I take inventory of this one, the only thing I really got out of it was some nice videos of fireworks on the 4th of July when mine got cancelled, and a silly iPhone. I’m not sure he really got anything out of it, and I’m not saying that the point of friendship is to “get things out of them” but just flow with me here. I kinda feel like I went through hell and all I got was this t-shirt except in this case the t-shirt is watching my “friend” number drop on Facebook. 

Last night I was jumping around on Facebook and writing nice things on people’s walls and I thought, “hmmm… I should say something nice to him!”… his name didn’t pop up on my list. Needless to say, I’m angry, I’m hurt, I’m offended, I’m confused, I’m pissed. But if I take a step back, gain perspective, I realize that I have been all of those things then entire time I have kept this friend in my life. How dumb is that? For realz. 

To those that I consider my friends that put me through ridiculous emotional roller coasters, that end with me feeling stupid and played I shall now quote an Eagles song. 

I wish you peace when times are hard 
The light to guide you through the dark 
And when storms are high and your, your dreams are low 

I wish you the strength to let love grow on, 
I wish you the strength to let love flow, 

I wish you Peace.

And for me? I wish me freedom and the strength to never say hello again.