There is a deep seeded feeling of restlessness that sits inside my soul begging me to shake things up, move somewhere extravagant, or climb a mountain and sing songs from The Sound of Music. This restlessness is the feeling of not belonging anywhere.

Don’t get me wrong. I have places I feel home: Minneapolis, Detroit Lakes, Fargo. These are places that my soul is connected to, places that have made me into the woman I am today. But to feel at home, to lose some of my unsettled feelings, to finally feel like I am belonging in my own skin… I’m not sure how to accomplish that.

“All I know is I’m not home yet, this is not where I belong.” – Sidewalk Prophets

This song, which might I add is so dang catchy, has been running through my head for over 365 days. The words first hit me while sitting in a church office working a job that didn’t want me the way I wanted it, much like a toxic dating relationship. I knew in that moment I didn’t belong there. I wasn’t home in my work.

Now, 5 months after I started working at the Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul, I am at home in my work. The people I work with, the things I work on, and my purpose behind each task fulfills my never-ending restlessness… for now.

In an effort to continue living this better story I began over a year ago, I’m starting over here on the internet as well. Let’s be honest, I might never be an award winning writer, but I am a writer, and a writer is supposed to write… right?

As I start over here on this blog, my view of life is starting over as well. I am committing to great story lines, new friendships, and above all else, bravery. Bravery to take the steps I feel God nudging me towards and bravery to write and live the type of story I want to be in. This could be pretty entertaining… You should probably follow along. Who knows… Laura might try this whole dating thing again, and we know that always leads to hijinks!