Today marks exactly 6 months since my life completely changed. Without acknowledging that aloud this morning, I think my sub-conscience did. These last 6 months have been awful, beautiful, life-stealing and life-giving.

I stand here a more authentic version of myself than I’ve ever been before. The Laura that greets me each morning is the real woman who has been hiding nervously all these years.

Am I still incredibly afraid of ever attaching myself to another person again? Yes. Does that mean that my bravery is weaker than my fear? Nope.

It’s hard to accept it’s all┬ájust a distant memory. A faded picture growing more dim each day. I am thankful this choice was made for me. I am thankful I am forging my own path, finally. But that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.

6 months… I’m finally stronger and the farthest thing from lost.