33 Days…

Seriously… 33 Days until I am living in Minneapolis again. yikes! I have spent over 1,100 days living here in Fargo. I really only thought I would last about 30, so I guess I’m happy with that.

This weekend, as I was packing up all my belongings (sidenote: How in the world did i accumulate so much crap?!?!?) I had a great revelation! I do everything EVERYTHING in 3.5 year increments. I did High school in 3.5 years, thanks to post secondary, I had all my HS requirements done by December Senior year. I did College in 3.5 years, and now I’ve lived in Fargo for 3.5 years. Weird? Indeed.

They say 7 is the number of God. Well… 3.5 is the number of Laura :)

Although, a friend did make a good point… If I do everything in 3.5 years, this does not bode well for future marriage prospects… (insert debbie downer trumpet sounds)

Risk-taking isn’t about what it looks like from the outside. It’s about what it feels like on the inside. Which means that speaking your mind, or finishing something you started or telling someone you love them might be just as risky as jumping out of an airplane.

I think the best part about taking a risk is that it requires us to grow. We can’t take a risk and stay the same. It isn’t possible. And with growth comes maturity and understanding.

Ally Spotts

37 Days

“Be Still and know that He is God”

You know how I can barely remember my own name or what day of the week it is sometimes when I get stressed? Well, I’m finding that insanely true right now. Can you believe that I am moving MOVING in 37 days?!?!? Holy balls.

I know that these past 3.5 years have been a blessing, a curse, a challenge, but most of all an extreme joy. I honestly had no idea who I would meet in this Awesome City of Fargo, ND. My dear friends, you mean more to me than I could ever describe.

If you’re wondering why I am moving away… blame Donald Miller and his “live a better story” theory :) He has cursed me. I’m excited for my new chapter and excited to watch your stories continue unfold. 

Ok, now that I have struggled to write even this for the last 12 minutes I shall be done. ugh. I’m not good at words :)   Maybe next post will be a video of me interpretive dancing my feelings about Fargo and moving back to Minneapolis… maybe.

37 days, and 400 million things to live.