I’m Getting Baptized Today…

… which is long overdue. Jesus and I have been walking through my life together for the last 18+ years and I’m ready to make my public declaration that I am His, but I have to get something off my chest first.

My heart is like the Liberty Bell: Cracked.

For over a decade I had a wonderful best friend. He was funny, talented, and fun. He was the person I ran to when life got rough, or I needed a trip to white castle (notice the intentional lack of capitalization) in the middle of the night. He was the inventor of “deep fry everything nights” and the person who helped cultivate my love for track jackets. Whether either of us wanted it to happen or not, he became a huge part of the puzzle that is Laura. He is a part of my foundation. But crap happened and life changed. Now we’re just somebody we used to know.


I Have Nothing Good to Say

Creative Commons – Dueck

Hi, I’m Laura Livingood, and I have nothing good to say. A few years ago I began laying a wall, brick-by-brick, that blocked people from ever getting to see me. Like Rapunzel in her tower, my fortress of brick and mortar has kept many a kindly prince, dangerous vagabond, and weary traveler from ever catching a glimpse of my brown-hair, blue-eyed existence. Those that can decipher the magic code to gain access to my viewing chamber are privie to only a shade of the girl I am, and honestly, as much as it worked for me in the past, I’m exhausted. (more…)

What About Risk?

Is it worth the risk

What makes one fearless? What makes a person be able to stand up against adversity, and claim justice without worrying about the risk? What makes anything worth the risk?

I’ve often heard the risk is worth the reward, but what if there is no reward to claim? What if unlike Murphy’s law there is no equal or opposite reaction to what you choose to do? (more…)

Maybe It’s OK to Slow Down.

Letting go of goals

I began 2012 feeling desperate: desperate for a new job, desperate for friends, and desperate to be some kind of successful adult again. When I wrote out my life goals last January the long list really summed itself up in 3 points: get a good job, find a good man, and stop living with my parents. Like any good life goals or new years resolutions, I haven’t really achieved any of them, and honestly, it’s ok. (more…)

2012: A year in review written in Haiku

Live a better story: Living 2012 with purposeThere have been mutliple attempts to complete a “goodbye 2012” post in the last few days, but each one just falls flat and I grow frustrated… and then it hit me… write it in Haiku. Perfect! So here is my ode to 2012, written month by month, in the classic and timeless form of japanese poetry. Let us begin! (more…)