What do you do when you are overwhelmed? When at work you feel like you’re drowning, life feels like it’s crumbling, and all you want to do is punch something really hard while crying your eyes out?

Today is just a moment, one fleeting breath that doesn’t matter. Today, while I am drowning and emotional, and processing loss and stress, I will just try to be still. I am so small and weak and He is so strong. Perhaps it’s time to shut up and let Him be in control and just be still.


One of the only decent radio pictures I have… and it’s during the “dark days” of my hair.

I was recently reading an article about the phenomenon of Ghosting. Now, what is Ghosting? Well, it is when you are in communication or relationship with someone and they literally just disappear. They don’t return calls, texts, emails, letters… whatever. They literally vanish outside the realm of communication. Are they still around living their lives? Yes, but you are no longer in it. The phenomenon is most common in dating relationships, but can happen in other working relationships or friendships as well. (more…)

It’s The Start of Something New.

There is a deep seeded feeling of restlessness that sits inside my soul begging me to shake things up, move somewhere extravagant, or climb a mountain and sing songs from The Sound of Music. This restlessness is the feeling of not belonging anywhere. (more…)


Tonight, I am going to go meet new people. My palms have been sweating for hours. My heart rate elevated to the point where I can’t sit still. I’m not socially awkward or am I?

I just keep repeating over and over in my head how my one step of social bravery in Fargo 5 years ago brought me some of the most amazing friends on God’s green earth. Tonight, lightning could strike twice… now, if I could just stop feeling like a wreck.

What are you afraid of?

With my eyes closed I can feel the moment all over again. The sound in his voice: icy, broken, scared, and selfish. The thick rage thumping inside my chest as it fought against the sea of pity I did not want to feel. The stagnant silence accompanied by the complete and utter lack of words within my reach. It was over. After battling through our formative years, it was over. (more…)