Don’t forget who you are…

Last week I wrote about all the things I wish I had known when I entered college a million years ago. It got me thinking about how in the past 5 years since college I have become a different person. Shocker!

Many things about me have changed and most of them were great things. I’m more confident, honest, sarcastic, outgoing and good-looking. (Yes, I would like to believe I finally grew into my face, thank you very much!) (more…)

Oh, to be 18 again…

Today is move-in day for the freshman at my Alma mater. Can you believe it’s been 5 years since I graduated and 8 years since I was moving into the dorms? Yikes. Our alumni association started a trend on twitter asking for advice for the students’ first days. After writing out a few contrived “ring before spring” hate notes I found the heart of the advice I was dishing. Ready? Ahem…. (more…)

I am Terrified

I am terrified, terrified of rejection. Even as I sit here attempting to pull together a well thought out piece of work to submit for my grad school application, I am playing out all the ways and all the reasons they should reject me. It’s ridiculous, and I’m not sure where it comes from, but I am almost frozen in my coffee shop booth.  (more…)


Sometimes it’s a quiet whisper in the silence

Sometimes it’s a random song or lyric

and other times it’s a sweet memory

but no matter when it hits me it stings like a million bees

I can’t change your choice, I wouldn’t dare to try, but four thousand memories just won’t fade.

You can’t rebuild your foundation without tearing down the house. You are part of my foundation.

I wish you joy, happiness, growth, contentment and love, but most of all I wish you peace.


Placation = dirty word. The dictionary definition of a placation is:

verb (used with object), pla·cat·ed, pla·cat·ing. to appease or pacify,
especially by concessions or conciliatory gestures: to placate an outraged citizenry. (more…)