Dear friends…

I miss you. I miss sitting on the Morkens red couch. I miss hammy snot on my jeans. I miss the way I could run down the hall to Randi’s place just to chat. I miss seeing how much my friends in relationships truly love eachother. I miss your laughs and how they always brightened my day. I miss pizza and rum night while talking about our wildest dreams. I miss new food adventures and the whir of sewing machines. oh, and I even miss Cole making fun of me.

Today dear friends, I miss you. Even though I am on this crazy adventure I think and pray for you often, and sometimes wish I could just snap a finger and be back just for a moment.

5 things on Tuesday

1) Sometimes I am utterly shocked by the behavior of people, adults! non-the-less. Whether it’s following simple rules like wearing closed foot shoes when you’re lifting heavy boxes or wielding knives or simply telling your daughter her shorts are against the dress code you agreed to follow for 4.5 short days of your life. Sometimes, I’m just shocked. I wonder if Jesus is ever shocked by our behavior.

2) I am not a huge fan of plain water. Never have been, never will be, but for now I close my eyes and drink. Good Mercy it is HOT! here.

3) Sometimes, when people are put into leadership positions God uses their inadequacies as their strengths. I’m really hoping this is what He is doing in my life, because I feel so inadequate.

4) I am living a better story. Sometimes it’s hard to see it when you’re cleaning up spilled cereal, or trying to get junior high girls to pick up their trash, or even fighting with an adult who refuses to act as if she is having the time of her life in order for her students to fully experience what God is doing in their lives instead of throwing hissy fits, saying snarky things under her breath and utterly refusing to be on board this missions train. (vent over)

5) God is good… all the time… and all the time… God is good.

OOOOO bonus #6! I totally saw where the bench Forest Gump sat on was. Totally. Be Jealous. It’s ok, I’m awesome :)

Peace out Burmingham… Hello Raleigh…

Week one = done.

Tomorrow we head out at 7 am in a tan mini van name Sweet Caroline and a little blue Car yet to be named (chances are it will be some exotic, sexy male name).

It was about one year ago that I asked God to change my life. I had no idea what I wanted, or what He would do, and in all honesty, I am still a little lost.

I just spent the last week with a ton of college students, asking what their majors are, what they want to do with their lives, what their next great adventure is and I’m finding myself a little jealous… ok a lot jealous. I remember how it felt that last year of school, dreaming what my next adventure would be. I wrote out a detailed 5 year plan, and have yet to accomplish one item on the list, lived 3.5 years in Fargo feeling amazing, lost, confused, loved, destroyed, and stuck in the middle, and now I’m on a summer adventure with the joy of unemployment awaiting me in August.

Ok, no more introspective stuff. :)  Training went well. I’m excited to get to Raleigh. I’m looking forward to what God has in store. There… ending on a happy, non-stressed note.

Step one…

Woke up this morning in Atlanta, GA. Step one to getting to RALIEGH, NC. Can’t say it was easy to leave, but in all honesty, I know that the entire weight of my summer adventure and huge life change hasn’t hit me yet.

So today, I will continue to sing a line to my current favorite song, “I’ll take what the good Lord gives to take.”